18 Apr 2019

Easter Sunday Menu Sunday, April 21, 2019

Regular Breakfast Menu Plus Specials Served from 7:30-11:30 Easter Brunch Menu Served from 11:30-3 p.m.

18 Apr 2019

Regular Breakfast Menu Plus Specials Served from 7:30-11:30

Easter Brunch Menu Served from 11:30-3 p.m.

Breakfast Menu 

Breakfast served 7:30-11:30

Egg Souffle-

Souffle crust, fluffy eggs, cheddar and bacon. Served with fresh fruit.

Royal Breakfast Hash-

Breakfast casserole with corned beef, potatoes, peppers, and onions mixed with a creamy sauce. Topped with an over easy egg and cheddar cheese. Comes with toast-white, wheat, or rye or for an additional .50 a fresh baked biscuit or sunflower oat toast.-$8.29

Croissant or Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich-

Choose Ham, Bacon, Sausage, or Turkey. Topped  with egg and cheddar cheese. Served with a fresh fruit garnish.-$5.79 Sub sliced tomato for meat.- V

Two Eggs with Bacon or Sausage and Toast.-

Two Eggs any style with 3 strips of bacon or 1 sausage patty and toast. Toast choices: white, wheat,or  rye. Sub sunflower oat toast or a biscuit for .50.- $5.95

Breakfast Bowl-

Protein packed! Daily creation of fresh local veggies, today’s fresh meat and cheese and more! Topped with an egg and our everything toast. Ask your server for today’s bowl flavors. 8.89. V

Fresh Fruit, Grits, and Toast-

Large side of fresh fruit of the day, stone-ground grits, and white, wheat, or rye toast. Sunflower oat toast or a biscuit .50 additional.-$5.75

Ham Steak and Eggs-

A 6 oz. city ham steak, two eggs any style, toast, and our grilled home fries of the day.-$8.79


One-3.00 Two-4.50  Add whipped cream-$.50 , blueberries-$.75, chocolate chips-$.75. V

Biscuits and Gravy-

Homemade biscuits with a homemade sausage gravy.  Made with lots of LOVE!  -$7.25

Traditional French Toast-

Topped with powdered sugar and served with butter and syrup.- $5.59  V Substitute gluten free bread for $2

Cranberry Walnut French Toast-

Topped with powdered sugar & whipped cream. Comes with fresh fruit.$7.89

World Famous Cinnamon Roll-

Topped with cream cheese icing. 3.25  V


One Egg-1.29        Two Eggs-2.58

Toast 1 piece-White, Wheat, or Rye $1.00

Sunflower Oat 1 piece-$1.50

Croissant w/ butter, jelly, or apple butter-$2.25


Three Strips of Bacon-$2.65

Sausage Links or Patties -$1.59 (1) $2.89 (2)

Home Fries-$2.25

Single Pancake-$3.00

Sausage Gravy Side -$2.25

We have gluten free bread for $3 additional. 

V=veg options

No Substitutions Please. Split plate charge for breakfast $2

A 20% gratuity may be added to tables of 6 or more.

Consumer Warning: Raw or undercooked meats, eggs, or poultry can cause foodborne illness.




Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Orange Crush, Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist, Pink Lemonade, Root Beer, Fresh Brewed Sweetened or Unsweetened Premium Iced Tea Premium Regular Coffee or Decaf Coffee-$2.5

V8 Juice, Grapefruit Juice, Cranberry Juice, OJ, Apple JuiceTomato Juice, Apple Juice, and Orange Juice, Sm. $1.5   Lg. 2.5

Extra Lemons-$1 additional.                         Natural Sodas-Root Beer or Ginger Ale-$2.75

To Go Coffee for Dine in-$.75

Hot Tea-$2.25                                              Mineral  H20 -$2.25                              32 oz. To Go Drink-$2.50

From Our Bar-Today’s Picks

Bar Opens at 10 a.m.

Mimosa– Cordoniu Champagne Split w/ OJ- 6.5

Medina’s Bloody Mary–  7.75

Red or White Sangria with Fresh Fruit Garnish-7

Purple Hooter Fizz-Blue Curaco, Chambord, Belvedere, Triple Sec, and Splash of 7 – 11

See our Beer and Wine Lists next pages

Brunch Menu

Brunch served 11:30-3:00 p.m.


All chips are Gluten Free.

Pretzel Bread w/ Butter -4

Smoked Trout Dip NC Smoked Trout is used in this creamy, cheesy dip that is so good you will crave it from this day forward. Served with grilled crostini.  8.5

Grilled CrostiniSliced and grilled medallions grilled with butter.-4

Shrimp CocktailJumbo Shrimp served in a martini glass with a spicy cocktail sauce and fresh lemons.-11

Bacon & Avacado Stuffed Deviled Eggs6 Halves with our House Specialty Bacon & Avocado Stuffing.-8.25

Spinach & Artichoke Dip or Buffalo Ranch Artichoke Dip -Served hot with tortilla chips.-8

Antipasto Capicola ham, salami, and provolone cheese topped  with our marinated house garlic vinaigrette. Served with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and pepperoncinis.

Small 7.50  Large 9.50


House Red Pepper Bisque with Gouda Soup or Homemade Soup of the Day-Cup4 and Bowl7.25


Black & Blue Salad Beef Tenderloin, Humboldt Blue, Pecans, Local Apples, Craisins, Champagne Cherry Vinaigrette .  16

Maytag Blue Cheese and Fresh Fruit SaladMaytag Blue Cheese  served on mixed greens with shredded carrot, fresh fruit of the day, homemade croutons, walnuts, craisins, and our house garlic vinaigrette . Served with sunflower oat toast.-12.29

Caesar Salad/Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad- Crisp Romaine with grated parmesan, homemade croutons, and homemade Caesar dressing.8.99/10.89.  Add Anchovies .1.25

Salad Sampler-Salad Sampler Plate- Refreshing and light. A scoop of tuna salad, a scoop of chicken salad, homemade slaw, and fresh fruit11.29

Consumer Warning: Raw or undercooked meats, eggs, or poultry can cause foodborne illness.

Brunch Items

Egg Souffle-10

Souffle crust, fluffy eggs, cheddar and bacon. Served with fresh fruit.

Quiche Lorraine or Vegetable Quiche- 12

Traditional bacon and Swiss or Veggie with mushrooms, red pepper, fresh spinach and Mozzarella. Served with our fresh fruit mesclun mixed salad.

Spinach & Mushroom Pie-13

Phyllo layered with cheeses, mushrooms, and spinach baked to a perfect golden brown. Served with crunchy bread and butter.


Dinners include a hashbrown casserole and fresh veggie of the day.

Apple Cider Glazed Spiral Ham -14

A local apple cider is slowly baked on this ham to sweeten it to perfection. A traditional Easter ham dinner is always a great choice.

Phyllo Wrapped Five Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast-15

This all-natural chicken breast is stuffed with olive oil, FIVE cheeses-cream cheese, mozzarella, feta, smoked provolone and cheddar, wrapped in phyllo dough and wood fired to a perfect gooeyness. Served with fresh lemon.  Wow!

Beef Tenderloin Medallions with Homemade Jack Daniels Dijon Cream Sauce-20

Tender Filet mignon medallions ladled with a Jack Daniels Dijon cream sauce. You really don’t want to miss this dish.

Panko Encrusted Whitefish Dinner-15

Customers love this fish, it’s light, flaky and heart healthy.  Your filet is coated with a blend of panko crumbs and parmesan cheese, then pan seared ‘til crispy.  The Bistro’s house red pepper tartar sauce sits on the side.


Bread Pudding – If you love Medina’s famous cinnamon rolls, you’ll go crazy over this dessert!  Lots of gooey sweet stuff joins the rolls.  Add ice cream, if you dare   – 5.5

Peanut Butter Pie – This sinfully delicious pie has a graham cracker crust, a layer of peanut butter cream with garnishes that will tickle your taste buds!    – 5.5  

Tiramisu – An Italian delight made right! Ladyfingers are layered w/ whipped mascarpone cheese and coffee liqueur. Topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar. – 5

Key Lime Pie-The best one you’ll ever eat!-5

Homemade Carrot Cake-Pecans, fresh carrot, house cream cheese icing.-4

Mud Pie – Homemade Oreo crust and layers of gooey fudge and ice cream are topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and Oreo cookie crumbs.  Ask about today’s ice cream flavor.   – 6

Homemade Ice Cream – Ask your server for today’s flavors.   – 2.5 a scoop

Pie of the Day – Try a slice of our delicious pie of the day, with homemade ice cream.   – 5.5

Cinnamon Roll – Homemade cream cheese icing with the perfect sweetness inside the roll.   – 3.25



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